Solodiesel subject of »inquiry« by the English police

After long-term testing of various systems for the protection from misfuelling into diesel cars in three of their police counties the British police has selected the Slovenian product SoloDiesel.

Misfuelling happens equally to men and women, to educated and less-educated persons, to drivers of all professions and ages and even to gas station clerks. Among the main reasons for the false selection of the nozzle for fuelling are the increase of demand for diesel fuels, stress, telephone conversations, frequent changing of cars, and carelessness. In Great Britain misfuelling is said to approximately 'happen' four hundred times per day, each fifth driver is said to face this error at least once in a lifetime and over 50 percent of drivers know someone, who had already filled the car with the wrong type of fuel. A mistake, which at the very least costs the unlucky person 130 €, whereas costs can also exceed several thousand Euros.

The English police has chosen the Slovenian product SoloDiesel for the prevention of misfuelling, made in the Šentjernej company Arex, because of its simple placement, which prevents misfuelling and represents an efficient physical barrier for the placement of the petrol fuelling nozzle into a car with a diesel engine. The police officers, who have tested SoloDiesel, were also impressed by fast fuelling of the tank without prior unscrewing of the fuel cap.