European distributors of SoloDiesel gathered at Novo mesto

At the end of February the first SoloDiesel conference was held in the company Arex d.o.o. that manufactures this cap for the prevention of misfuelling of petrol into diesel vehicles. Inspection of the production and the product itself impressed distributors from Great Britain, Germany, and other European and Slovenian companies, which are interested for the marketing of the product on their markets. The meeting ended in individual meetings, where more serious talks took place on the topic of product placement on the European market.

During the conference the English distributor revealed that in Great Britain a good quarter of all drivers have experienced misfuelling and that at their gas stations the wrong type of fuel is daily put into approximately 400 cars. This mistake can cost the drivers several thousand Euros, which only cover car repairs. This cost must be added to other parallel costs such as a 10 percent increase of the insurance premium as well as other inconveniences with costs deriving from the average two-week-long car repair. Austrian experiences show that 11 percent of drivers have experienced such a mistake, 35 percent of drivers know someone, who had already filled his/her vehicle with the wrong type of fuel.

Conference participants, which the hosts pleasantly surprised with specialties from Dolenjska region, concluded that the product for prevention of misfuelling with the wrong type of fuel considering the frequency of this mistake – in EU alone over one million of misfuelling per year – is an exceptional acquisition for drivers. Similar conferences should be held to represent the product to a wider circle of users.