SoloDiesel represents itself to the world

This simple and easy to place fuel cap for the fuel tank SoloDiesel recognizes the diameter of the fuelling nozzle and in a reliable manner physically prevents the entry of the narrower petrol nozzle into the fuel tank inlet of a diesel engine, was the main message of three partner companies at the Automechanik tradeshow in Frankfurt.

In the course of one year in EU there are over a million of misfuelling accidents and the costs of vehicle repairs range from 150 Euros, if the driver does not start the engine after fuelling to potentially 10,000 Euros if the fuel already circles the engine bowels. With this information in mind it is understandable that the interest for this innovative product was great at the tradeshow. The cap SoloDiesel was evaluated by most as very efficient and well-needed in the car industry, as a »final solution« to the problem area of misfuelling. A greater presentation would enable the manufacturer of the cap, therefore the company Arex – at least as far as the interest of possible distributors at the tradeshow has shown – a faster initiation of the production line.